big ol’ character dump part 1

Made a bunch of characters recently and I’ve had a ton of fun developing them so far! I’m just gonna post short-ish descriptions of them (and links to what they look like), but if you have any questions about them or want to know more, ask me!

Kouta: He loves to tease and mess with people, but never pushes it too far to make them genuinely upset. Kouta initially comes off as a weird asshole (and well, I guess he kind of is.) but he can be genuinely sweet and caring to someone who is close to him, specifically his girlfriend. He’s also pretty lazy and will try to talk his way out of doing something he doesn’t want to do. He is extremely embarrassed by how he was in middle school and would probably drop dead on the spot if anyone in his class found out. He also apparently doesn’t know how to dress himself I mean… just look at that outfit…. honey…….

Marika: To sum her up in two words: total bitch. She’s an actress (but demands to only be called a thespian) who genuinely hates movies and tv shows and only has a passion for theatre. She’s very self centered and although she’s still in high school, she often gets mistaken for an office lady or a teacher due to her looking older that she actually is and her choice in clothing.

Kentaro: He used to be a competitive swimmer but ended up quitting due to an injury that greatly affected his times. He still wanted to be around the water so he became a lifeguard. He’s a man of few words and has a very stoic appearance but he has a very big and caring heart.

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poetry anthology cover

Here’s an idea for the cover, it’s just a quick sketch so obviously things can be changed or I can do something completely different but what do you guys think of this?


I tried to make it simple so that it could fit with whatever we decide what title we want.

Valentine’s Day

PDA warning I guess? Some people don’t like seeing it at all i don’t know.

This Valentine’s Day was hands-down the best one I’ve had yet. Probably because I actually had someone special to share it with this year. And even though we couldn’t physically be together for it because she lives in Florida, I still had lots of fun just talking to her and giving each other gifts! She gave me super pretty rainbow colored roses as a gift, and I drew this for her! Hmmm I don’t really have much else to say, so this post is pretty short compared to my others, hope you don’t mind!

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We had to write a bio for class and i would really appreciate it if I could get some feedback on it! I tried to keep it short and sweet. 

Peyton Collins is a beach-hating artist from Florida currently residing in Missouri. She thoroughly enjoys creating characters and making stories about them, so much so that hopes that she can eventually create a tv show about them one day. She is currently working towards a degree in animation.

Crunchyroll Anime Awards rant

This has been sitting in my drafts for like 2 weeks because I wasn’t sure I wanted to embarrass myself getting passionate over a stupid anime awards thing but here it is I guess!

TL;DR: I’m very angry about Yuri on Ice winning things it didn’t deserve and Mob Psycho 100 deserved better.

So recently, Crunchyroll hosted the Anime Awards as a new thing starting this year with all of the 2016 anime eligible. Which is a pretty cool thing in my opinion! I saw the results the other day  and I was extremely disappointed in a lot of the outcomes. To make an attempt at trying to make this rant as calm and collected as possible, I’ll go through each category winner and give my opinion.

Hero of the Year winner: Izuku “Deku” Midoriya

I was perfectly fine with Deku winning, in fact I voted for him! I found him to be the very definition of what a hero should be (determined, selfless, brave) and even though he wasn’t very talented or strong at the very beginning, he worked extremely hard to try to at least be as good as his peers, and in the end he ended up surpassing his longtime rival!

Villain of the Year winner: Gaku Yashiro

I’m okay with Yashiro winning, although I would’ve preferred Yoshikage Kira to win this category. I found Kira to be a better, more interesting, and more well written villain than Yashiro.

Best Boy winner: Yuri Katsuki

I really wish Reigen Arataka would’ve won this one… This is one of the categories that I feel like the nominees were unfairly chosen. Yuri isn’t even “best boy” material in my opinion.

Best Girl winner: Rem

I STRONGLY agree with this one. Rem is such a sweet and caring girl and one of those characters that just make you smile every time you see them. And not only was she sweet, but she was also super strong too!

Best Fight Scene winner: Shigeo vs. Koyama

I 100% agree with this one, (no pun intended) not only was the animation amazing and unique but the complete 180 in who was pummeling the other after Shigeo went 100% was really cool! And it’s not even the best fight in Mob Psycho 100, which is the crazy part.

Best Animation winner: Yuri!! on ICE

Are you.. Are you kidding me? Yuri on ICE’s animation was extremely poorly done especially at all the parts where characters were ice skating. (which should’ve been the focal point of the show, considering it is an ICE SKATING anime) Someone even made a Twitter dedicated to posting screenshots of poorly drawn frames. Mob Psycho 100 should’ve won this category, but because Yuri on ICE is so popular, it got sadly overlooked by people who only cared about the show itself rather than the animation. I mean, how can you even compare this to this?

Most Heartwarming Scene winner: “The Kiss”

Definitely not well deserved either, the kiss scene in Yuri on ICE was definitely not heartwarming at all, it was meant to be more shocking than anything. I mean it literally was just 2 dudes kissing, not even in a romantic setting or anything. It was nice to see that their relationship was actually confirmed but up against “Kayo’s first home-cooked meal” it shouldn’t have stood a chance if people didn’t just vote

Best Drama winner: ERASED

ERASED was a fantastic drama, it definitely deserved this one.

Best Couple winner: Viktor and Yuri

I actually agree with this one, it’s the only award that I think Yuri on ICE actually deserved.

Best Comedy winner: Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto!

Don’t really have a strong opinion on this one, would’ve preferred Keijo to win but this is fine.

Best Action winner: Mob Psycho 100

Very well deserved, Mob Psycho 100 is action-packed yet still maintains a good story line and occasional comedy relief.

Best Opening winner: Yuri!! on ICE

Out of the nominees listed, This was my least favorite opening. I don’t enjoy the song too much and the animation is just really boring? Mob Psycho 100 should’ve gotten this one as its opening was pure eye candy and had a catchy song to match.

To compare, here’s Yuri on ICE’s and Mob Psycho 100’s opening.

Best Closing winner: Yuri!! on ICE

This one makes me really mad to be honest. Yuri on ICE had an ending that was just still shots panned across the screen with yet another boring song. Mob Psycho 100’s ending was animated with OIL PAINT on GLASS, one of the hardest forms of animation out there and although it didn’t have may favorite song out of the nominee’s (that would have to go to Space Patrol Luluco) it still had a song that I thought was better than Yuri on ICE’s.

Again to compare, here’s Yuri on ICE’s and Mob Psycho 100’s ending.

Anime of the Year Winner: Yuri!! on ICE

Where do I even begin… I expected it but I didn’t want it to happen. Yuri on ICE was about average, it definitely didn’t deserve “Anime of the Year” status. The only reason it won was because it became wildly popular due to the fact the two main characters were gay, which that in itself is a great thing! Unfortunately Yuri on ICE lacked an interesting plot and any character development and was essentially hiding that under the guise of “Hey look we have two gay dudes in our show!” which kind of irked me a little bit. And a lot of the fans that liked the show only liked it because they were too busy fetishizing the gay characters to notice how terrible the animation and everything else was.

Anyways that’s my two cents on this, if you read through all of this I applaud you. This is almost 1000 words oh my god.

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Art Style

Discovering and developing an art style is something that a lot of artists strive for. When developing a style parts get changed, removed, added, and sometimes the whole thing gets scrapped and you start fresh. Most artists have gone through the struggle of not feeling satisfied with how their style looks and so they desperately try to fix it until it doesn’t look like complete trash anymore. (Although what they’re drawing may look completely fine to someone else.)

Anyways, I’ve been going through that struggle myself as of recently (more like, the past few months) but I think I’m finally coming out of that art rut and found a style that I’m really satisfied with! I was extremely tired of my art looking so anime and wanted something more cartoony but not 100% cartoony, kinda like a fusion of my current style with some cartoony elements if that makes sense. I also wanted something that would feel natural(?) to draw and would’t take 38740 years just to sketch something out. So after getting a general idea of what I was aiming for I experimented with styles. A lot. About 4 months went into this process and during that time I drew A TON. I even did and completed the Inktober challenge, (A challenge where you draw and ink something everyday in October, but I made it harder about halfway through and made myself color everything too.) which I am very proud of considering I tried it the previous 2 years but didn’t finish. I worked really hard and I got to what I wanted my art to look like and I think that’s great! I redrew a pic from September so you can get an idea of how much my art changed.  The one on the left is the old one by the way.

And then here’s another example of something recent too.

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Alright so I was thinking about this the other day. What if I got a comic published? I was planning on eventually making a comic anyways, but just posting somewhere online instead. I saw that Hiveworks, a comic hosting/publishing company, takes submissions from about mid-May to mid-June so i thought why not give it a shot and put together a pitch by then? It would be super cool to be able to have something like that out there that people could just pick up and read. (especially a physical copy!)  I still have quite a bit to go with developing the plot and all of that good stuff, but I think I should have it all together by the submission dates. I really hope that once I get everything together, they like my idea and accept it!

To give you a little tidbit of what the comic is about, it’s about a girl who lives in the future in a world that had been ravaged by war. While out scavenging around for parts (AKA anything she thinks looks cool) she finds a really old cyborg that is still completely intact, but unfortunately wouldn’t turn on. After meeting a person with cybernetic enhancements who was able to fix the cyborg, some wild adventures ensue!


Here’s what the main character looks like! Her name is Cammie and she’s 11! She’s optimistic and pretty smart for her age, and to most people’s surprise can also build small bombs! (thanks to her dad, who builds bombs for a living.)

I’m sure I’ll post some more comic development stuff on here from time to time so stay tuned!

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